April 2018
From Pastor Paul

Dear Church:

As I write this letter, there are still 14 days left in Lent before we arrive at Easter.  However, you will be receiving this at Easter!  So after 40 days of Lent and the re-focusing of our hearts, minds, and eyes to God's activity in the world and in our lives; we get to celebrate our new reality as redeemed children of God! The season of Eastertide stretches out over a period of 50 days: 50 days of celebration for a God who conquered death, a God who restored all of creation and broke the bonds of sin forever. A God, who through the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, gives us new life, new opportunities.

So with Joy I declare to you “Jesus Christ is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!  A_ _ _ _ _ _ _!!   Okay, this Lutheran just can’t bring himself to say the “A” or the “H” word just yet, because the reality is I/we are just not there yet.  So, if you would indulge me, on Sunday, April 1 (no Foolin’), please fill in the blank spaces and proclaim the resurrection of Jesus who is THE Christ!  I promise you will hear it for at least 50 days beginning Easter Sunday.

What a day of excitement and exhilaration!  The mood of the morning is matched on no other Sunday of the year.  Every Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection. Each Sunday’s worship includes references to our Easter readings. “On the third day he rose again,” in the Nicene Creed. In the Apostle’s Creed, “He descended to the dead. On the third day he rose again.” “Christ has died, Christ is risen,” in the Eucharistic prayer. When we receive the dismissal, it is as if we are the women seeing the empty tomb:

“Go in peace.  Share the good news (Christ is with you)!”

The Easter season is a week of weeks: seven Sundays when we play in the mystery of Christ’s presence, mostly through the Gospel of John. We hear the disciples gather on the first Easter, and Jesus breathes the Spirit on them and on us. Thomas asks for a sign and Jesus offers him and us his wounded self in the broken bread, “take and eat.”

The Easter season (and beyond) shines the light of Christ on all that the world casts as a shadow in our lives.  The tomb was not opened to let Christ out, but rather to let us in.  Whatever that shadow is that may be in your lives, let the light of the risen Christ shine and know that Christ is ALWAYS with you!

Servants together,

Pr. Paul <><

Jesus Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! A_ _ _ _ _ _ _!! 

 Did you know???  Maybe I should start with “as you know” this year Easter fell (falls) on April first (No foolin’).  The month starts with a day unique to itself, April Fool’s. For years I had an ongoing battle with a dear friend attempting to out-fool each other. We each had our “gotcha” moments; it was fun while it lasted, and has provided some great memories. So I would like to take the moment to find out how many read our newsletter; share your “gotcha” moments with me. Jesus was not fooling around when it came to the events that we remember to begin this special month.