August 2019
From the Pastor

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

 I’ve been drawn to this Psalm because of the message it gives us about how pleasant things are when we work together, live together, and play together in harmony.  You don’t have to look far to find plenty of examples of how we are different from each other.  We use all sorts of labels to divide us and I believe that is counter-cultural to what God intends for God’s children.  We are not to be divided but rather we are to find ways to live together, even if we don’t always agree.  We are reminded that God is present in all things, but God’s greatest blessings come to us when we are united, when we share with one another and care for one another.

It can be difficult sometimes to agree with those around us.  You might even call it impossible.  Remember, however, that all things are truly possible when God is involved.  Give your problems, your worries, your joys, your sorrows, your celebrations--give them all to God--and give thanks that you have been claimed as a child of God.  You are invited to the banquet table where all are welcome as a guest of honor.

How very good and pleasant it is when people live together in unity.  May these be our guiding words for our lives, and may we strive to find the good in each other even if we don’t always agree.

How might you work to be in unity with others, especially those you might not agree with?  How might you work to be in unity with those who have upset you?  It often is easiest to simply dismiss them and walk away.  It takes much more effort to find a solution or a common ground.  After all, aren’t we called to be in community together?  Even when it’s difficult?

For God’s love for you and for all people is real.  God’s grace and forgiveness exists for all.  May we all live our lives to reflect that unity.  May God grant that the time we have remaining this summer be joyful and meaningful and may God’s precious peace be with us.

Servants together,

Pr. Paul <><

p.s. Did you know?  Our very own Wyatt Smith will be attending the 2019 Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 5-10.  Wyatt was elected as the Youth Male delegate for the Rocky Mountain Synod!  God’s blessings, Wyatt, as you take on the current issues of the church.

p.s.s. - Did you know that Luther said. . . . ???  "The Law is for the proud and the Gospel is for the brokenhearted.”