October 2019
From the Pastor

Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

The autumn air is beginning to set in. Daylight hours shorten. Life seems to have this sense of "settling in” of being "grounded in” the rhythm of rest.  I have written to you in the past couple of years about my joyful appreciation for this time of year within creation, especially here on the Western Slope. Ripe fields of alfafa and corn, orchards filled with apples and peaches patiently await their harvest in celebration of the food it will become for God’s creatures. Life in the wild is creating new life to celebrate another generation. It seems even the sun celebrates a change in its cycle with sunsets so incredibly beautiful no words can describe the splendor.  It is as if all creation is breathing in a deep breath and exhaling "Ah, rest.”

Rest is good. The chaos that through the summer had us running in circles is slowly transformed to a more peaceful sense of being. This autumn season brings a peace that must be proclaimed and shared. The presence of abundance in all we see and the peace we feel around us, in grain and beauty, wildlife and sunsets should stir us into a renewed relationship with one another and with the Creator of All. How can this beauty and abundance around us find us living in isolation? This season calls us into celebration with all creation, including our neighbors, family and friends, and yes, even with the stranger.

God did not create all we see around us to be experienced alone. We were created to experience it together, to share a common thread in the cycle of life and creation. Did God not create woman from man?  All of creation weaves itself together, one dependent on another. Nothing in creation is created, experienced or lived out in isolation.  As the autumn season continues to bless us with rest, rest in relationship with the Creator and His Word.  Reach for your Bible and read again the creation stories of Genesis 1 and Genesis 2.  Read of God’s blessings placed on your life and the magnificent, intricate weaving of creation God mindfully designed that nothing be left in isolation. Rest, also, in relationship with all those around you.  Take the time for a cup of tea together, speaking of joys and longings.  Warmly greet one another with a handshake that declares, "Your presence makes a difference in my life.”  Bend down and lovingly speak words of Jesus to a child. Better yet, place them on your lap and pray with them.  Grab your Bible.  Round up those teenagers. Read the parable of the prodigal son and tell those teenagers how much you love them.  Ring the doorbell of an elderly friend and have nothing on your mind but the conversation so easily shared.  You get the idea; proclaim and share, in rest and relationship, all of creation and the Creator of All.


In the peace of Christ,

Pr. Paul >

p.s. Did you know?  We have had wonderful success with our monthly movie night.  To celebrate the Reformation in the month of October, our feature film will be "Luther.”  Due to the start of Confirmation, our movie night this month will take place on Tuesday, October 15 @ 6:30 p.m.  Please come and join us for a great movie, delicious popcorn and wonderful fellowship.

p.s.s. - Did you know that Luther said. . . . ???  "Should anyone knock at my heart and says "Who lives here?’.”  I should reply, "Not Martin Luther, but the Lord Jesus Christ.”